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June 2008

I spent a long time on your website this morning. It is breath taking. I cannot even begin to find the words to express how your dogs and the loving text you wrote touched me. You are doing excellent work up there.
Fellow Sheltie Lover, Sharon

The Tolley's wrote:

Hi, Laura:

I check the Zesta website often to see how you and all the dogs are doing.  I thought you would like to hear about Casey who was born at Zesta  on February 18th, 2005.  He's a great little dog who brings us much joy. I take him every week to a nursing home in Prince Albert where he does Pet Therapy.  He's a great Therapy dog because he loves people and likes to be petted.  Casey also travels with us in our motor home every winter.  He is such good company.  Casey loves his days at Emma Lake.  One of his favourite pastimes is chasing waves.  I think the best thing about Zesta Shelties is the fact that they are home raised and very socialized.

The Gwillims wrote:

Hi Laura
I thought I would send you a note to say a big thank you for allowing us the privilege of adding this fantastic puppy to our family.  Everyone but Rob and Auntie Jill have visited and think he is spectacular - both in appearance and personality.  They have even decided that Gavin is a name that fits so now I will just have to choose three pedigree names.
Gavin is so well socialized I thank you.  He loves our old Karma; grandson Reese; the cats and has had to be diverted from visiting the large pointed footed cows in the pasture by himself.  He loves everyone and is so cuddly he just fits right in.
Will download some of the pictures already taken and will send more as they are taken.

Love him to bits already. We have a high standard to meet to keep him as perfect as you have made him.

Jan 2008  - Keith and Lori of Cold Lake write ......

We began this search not too long after Shooter went tot he Rainbow Bridge due to the profound effect his departure appeared to be having on Shamus.

Realizing the local prospects of finding another Sheltie were slim to none we wondered... how do we find another Shooter? Ya, ok, there's never going to another Shooter but maybe if we research his heredity? On a whim, we pulled out Shooter's CKC registration and Googled "Zesta Ryan's Hope" and lo and behold ... wow! There's Shooter's dad! We were further taken aback by the comprehensiveness of the Zesta website.  And then there's that interrogation for prospective adoptions--definitely kewl! It was apparent to us almost immediately that these Zesta folks obviously have their whole hearts into the Sheltie thing and care a great deal for the lads and lassies under their charge.

Thanks once again for affording us this opportunity.

Nancy from Saskatoon writes in an ad that appeared in the Sheltie International Oct/Nov 2003

Can. Ch. Zesta Making the Grade his son Zesta the Big Wheel and Nancy .... would like to acknowledge Laura's commitment to the breed and the outstanding example she sets as a responsible breeder. She makes an incredible investment in time, education, effort and money to ensure the continued health  and well being of her dogs, whether sold to show or pet homes. The fact that many people are repeat purchasers speaks highly of the quality of both the dogs and the ongoing support people receive at Zesta.

Thanks Laura!

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