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Check out Handling by Jenn and/or Tracy

To view their web pages click on names to see these young ladies in some great wins!

                                                                                                  Jenn                                Tracy

Junior Handling Pictures

Jesse and Travis with Jayne and Drew at the Red Deer Show Apr 08

Jesse and Travis keep it up in juniors at the Red Deer Show Nov 07  


Jessica and Quake                                    Travis and Annie

Not to be out done by his sister Jess, Travis makes his handling debut and decides he likes it too!

Travis showing Ritz and thanks to Bev Klassen for allowing Jessica to show Rumour.

Watch our junior handler Jessica start her handling career in Pee Wees.

Jesse and Havoc on  the go round! Havoc gets wind of a girl in season! And picks up his pace! Jesse gets Havoc back in control!  June 2007 at the NACA shows.

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