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I started my trek as a judge after much deliberation and procrastination with my good friend Grant Townsend. We both did a lot of soul searching to determine if this was the right progression in our love of dogs and dog shows.  So finally in 2001 we made the commitment to proceed.  Since passing the initial exams and completing our first assignments it has been a continuous adventure of learning/education and meeting new breeds and breeders.  

In my pursuit to advance in other breeds the educational activities hosted by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Canadian Dog Judges Association (CDJA) have proven most beneficial as well as with the Northern Alberta Dog Judges Study Group.

At present I am  a CKC Rally Obedience Judge and a CKC Conformation Judge for  Group 7 - Herding, Group 5 - Toys and I am  presently permitting the  1st half of Group 3 - Working group.

I have had the honour of judging All Breed and a Sheltie & Collie Specialty in Australia the summer of 2011,  All Breed China in the fall of 2012 and  All Breed and a Sheltie Specialty  Show in Brazil the Spring of 2013!

 On these pages you will be able to view pictures that exhibitors have so graciously sent me of their wins.

All Breed                  Sheltie Specialty Shows


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