How to acquire a ZESTA Pup

All puppies born at ZESTA are home raised and given the very best care and attention. Each litter is carefully planned. The parents are tested to be free of any genetic problems that occur most commonly in this breed. Only Shelties with sound, stable temperaments are used for breeding and a great deal of individual love and attention is given to every puppy to ensure that he/she develops into a happy, confident, outgoing youngster, suitable as a loving pet and companion.

Because we care about the future well being of each and every puppy we sell, we are rather concerned about whom we allow to purchase our puppies. We may ask a great many questions of you and may want to speak to you in person (if possible) at least once before selling you one of our babies. This not only ensures us that the puppy is being placed into a loving home where he/she will be properly cared for and dearly loved, it also ensures you that the puppy you buy will be suitable for you and your life-style. If there are children in the family, we will want to meet them as well whenever possible.

Most puppies acquired from ZESTA are pre-booked before breeding occurs. This way we do not add to the already rising problem of unwanted pets and we are better able to match you to the right puppy. We recommend that you reserve your puppy with a $300.00 non-refundable deposit. However we do reserve the right to refuse any one, one of our pups or adults.

There are three types of Sheltie puppies sold here at ZESTA which are priced accordingly. They are the Pet puppy, the Non-Breeding Agreement possible show puppy and the Show Prospect Puppy. All puppies are guaranteed in writing for health and temperament.

If you are interested in acquiring a Zesta Sheltie, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your specific interests in a Sheltie.

Zesta Shelties is located south west of the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 3 kilometres south of the town of Devon. The house and kennel resides on a 1/4section of land. Our neighbour is the historic Leduc #1 oil well which put the province of Alberta on the Canadian map in 1947.

Resident Puppy socialize'r Jessica


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