OTCH. & ATChC Zesta Kaiser Wilhelm, AGI NCC, MTRDC, RA, SHD.

Ch. Zesta Who's The Boss x Zesta Highlander the Raven ROMC

2000/09 -

Kaiser is owned and loved by Anja Neumann of Edmonton AB. Kaiser completed his CD title at just over a year of age with a High in Class and High Scoring Sheltie in Trial. And has continued to be an exceptional performance dog. Congratulations Anja and Kaiser on your Scent Hurdle title. Way to go Kaiser and Anja!!

Yeh! For Kaiser, he completed his AGI (CKC agility intermediate title) see Kaiser is the slowest from all the dogs but he listens to Anja on the agility course!!!  Kaiser completed his OTCH at the Camrose shows in March 2006. Kaiser will be joining a scent hurdle team now that he has completed his OTCH.
Zesta Kaiser Wilhelm CDX


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